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What's on your Wedding Wish List?
💗 Need a cheap wedding, we're on a budget. Is this possible?
💗 Planning a big wedding at home has become overwhelming. Help us elope!
💗 I just got engaged! And I have no clue how to plan a wedding.
💗 I want a wedding but not the stress of planning it. Can I just show up?
💗 We've been engaged for 7 years, never time for a wedding. Can you squeeze us in this week?

That's a short version of what we hear every day when we answer the Wedding Line. We love the diversity in the stories and encourage you to come up with a "first", a line we've never heard before or a question we've never been asked. 

We love a challenge, a romantic tale, an obstacle to conquer or a wish to grant. Cherries on the top are the people we meet from around the globe. It's fate, if you think about it.

We are real people with real big hearts that want to give everyone the wedding of their dreams. Based in Badung, Bali, we are grateful to be immersed in magnificent sunsets every day. 

We are a dynamic and diverse team with one common goal of putting smiles on the faces of newlyweds. It's hard work, but our work makes us happy! We are meticulous in every sense of the word and widely known for designing Simple, Elegant and Eclectic weddings. All without breaking your bank, hair loss, anxiety or tears.
Behind the Scenes in our wedding event.....



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Partner with our team for an Amazing Wedding Experience.

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"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." (When Harry Met Sally Movie)