• Karen and Mateo Wedding

    The groom love the ocean, this is their special place where they come to get away from it all — and it’s where they wanted to start this new chapter of life.

  • Karen and Mateo Wedding

    Beach was a place that special to the couple and that came through. So chill. So laid-back. Just perfect.

  • Karen and Mateo Wedding

    Even on a very small intimate scale, a romantic glam wedding is just magical, and it’s not as difficult to pull together as you might think.

  • Aline and Crish Wedding

    Authentic Balinese Rice Paddy Wedding Inspiration. Look how a modern romantic gown with lace cape can fit perfectly into a beautiful rice field.

  • Paul and Lynda Wedding

    Spectacular outdoor wedding at Padma Ubud Resort. When planning a romantic wedding theme, consider an open-air ceremony space to bring in the naturally beautiful elements of the outdoors. For this wedding, wooden ornament kept the overall design soft and ethereal..

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Why Eloping Might Be the Perfect Choice for You

If you’re thinking about getting married, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of planning a big wedding. Between the guest list, the venue, the catering, and all of the other details, it can be a lot to manage. That’s why more and more couples are choosing to elope instead of having a traditional wedding. 


Here are just a few reasons why eloping might be the perfect choice for you.

1. You’ll save money

One of the biggest advantages of eloping is that it can be much more affordable than having a traditional wedding. When you elope, you don’t have to pay for a big venue, catering, or other expensive services. Instead, you can choose a beautiful location that doesn’t cost a lot of money, or even get married at the courthouse. This can be a great way to save money and start your marriage on the right foot.

2. You can focus on each other

When you elope, you don’t have to worry about pleasing a big group of guests or keeping up with a schedule. Instead, you can focus on each other and the experience of getting married. You can take your time, enjoy the moment, and create a truly intimate and personal experience.

3. You’ll avoid family drama

One of the most stressful aspects of planning a traditional wedding can be dealing with family drama. When you elope, you don’t have to worry about accommodating the wishes of your extended family or dealing with any conflicts that might arise. You can simply focus on your relationship and your future together.

4. You can choose your own adventure

Eloping also gives you the freedom to create a wedding experience that’s truly unique to you. You can choose a location that’s meaningful to you and your partner, whether that’s a beautiful natural setting, a bustling city street, or somewhere else entirely. You can also choose to incorporate special traditions or rituals that are important to you, without worrying about whether they’ll be appropriate for a larger group.

5. You’ll have more flexibility

Finally, eloping can give you more flexibility when it comes to scheduling and timing. You don’t have to worry about coordinating with a large group of guests, and you can choose a time and date that works best for you and your partner. This can be especially helpful if you have busy schedules or other commitments that make it difficult to plan a big wedding. 

It’s important to note that eloping isn’t for everyone. Some couples may feel that they would miss out on the excitement and joy of sharing their special day with their loved ones. Additionally, some people may feel that eloping doesn’t fit with their cultural or religious traditions.


If you’re considering eloping, it’s a good idea to discuss your plans with your partner and make sure that you’re both on the same page. You may also want to talk to a wedding planner or other expert to get advice on the logistics of planning an elopement.

If you do decide to elope, there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Consider hiring a photographer or videographer to capture the special moments of your elopement. Finally, make sure to celebrate your marriage in your own way, whether that’s by going out to a special dinner, taking a trip together, or doing something else that’s meaningful to you.

Overall, eloping can be a great option for couples who want to keep things simple, intimate, and personal. Whether you’re looking to save money, avoid family drama, or simply create a wedding experience that’s unique to you, eloping might be the perfect choice.


In conclusion, eloping can be a wonderful choice for couples who want to keep things simple and focus on their love for each other. Whether you’re looking to save money, avoid family drama, or simply create a special experience that’s unique to you, eloping can be a great option. Just make sure to do your research and plan carefully to ensure that your elopement is everything you want it to be.


Aurelija & Karolis Wedding, Intimate Beach Wedding

Overwhelmed by the thought of gathering 200 of your “nearest and dearest” together for your wedding day? The idea of having an intimate beach wedding sounds soo fun and great! 

From simple barefoot beach ceremonies on soft sparkling sand to elegant events at the ocean’s edge, you may have a wide variety of beautiful beachfront wedding venues. The reception choose from a beach BBQ under the stars, opt for a more luxurious set dinner or hire your own beach bar and party until the early hours.



Jasmine and Joel Wedding, Enchanted Forest Wedding

Trees impart a special and irresistible beauty to a wedding. Just imagine! The smell of the pine trees, birds chirping overhead, sunlight reaching its way through the treetops—surrounded by all that nature, how could it not be totally dreamy? 

Sure, there might be a few things to consider like rentals, transportation, perhaps some bug spray…but that won’t deter us from the utter romance of it all. If you’re considering a forest wedding, rest easy knowing there are others who have gone before you and pulled it off without a hitch!


Kyle and Liese Wedding, A Magical Waterfall Wedding

Do you like to hike and enjoy the outdoors? Then think about getting married at a waterfall in Bali. Beautiful waterfall venue is certainly a location for adventurous souls and for those who want to really bring the stunning natural elements of our island to their wedding day. 

Totally open air and organic, the pool is fed by natural springs and rivers that flow all year round. Nothing beats having a scenic mountain waterfall as the backdrop for your small wedding. 

Waterfall weddings are unique when it comes to natural and organic beauty and simplicity. A waterfall wedding is a perfect venue for an elopement or an intimate wedding ceremony, typically for up to around 20 people. 


Karen and Mateo Wedding, Romantic Beach Wedding

Serene, stunning, and laid-back, beach weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples nowadays and why wouldn’t it be? Imagine this: white sands against turquoise waves, a picturesque horizon, and gentle breezes across the shores as the bride and groom say their promises. See all the details in the photos below captured beautifully, a romantic wedding took place at a gorgeous beach in Bali. 






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