How to Plan a Beautiful Meaningful Micro Wedding

Planning a micro wedding (a smaller, intimate wedding celebration) can be a wonderful opportunity to focus on creating a beautiful and meaningful experience for you and your closest loved ones. Here are some steps to help you plan a successful micro wedding:

Source : 88 bali wedding planner

Determine your guest list: A micro wedding typically has a guest list of 50 people or fewer. Start by making a list of those who are most important to you, then trim the list as necessary.

Set your budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on your wedding and allocate funds to each aspect of the celebration (e.g. venue, food, photography, etc.).

Choose a venue: Consider a location that is special to you, such as your family home or a place that holds meaningful memories. Alternatively, you can select a venue that offers the ambiance and atmosphere you desire for your wedding.

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Decide on the date: Choose a date that works for you and your guests, keeping in mind that the availability of your desired venue may be a factor.

Pick your theme and style: Choose a theme and style that reflects your personality and relationship, and helps to create a cohesive and memorable celebration.

Choose your vendor team: Find vendors who align with your theme and style, and who have experience working with smaller weddings.

Choose your attire: Pick an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. The same goes for your partner and other members of your wedding party.

Select your music: Choose music that is meaningful to you and your partner and reflects the mood of the celebration.

Plan your ceremony: Work with a celebrant to create a ceremony that is personal and meaningful to you and your partner.

Plan your reception: Decide on the food and drinks you want to serve, and plan any activities or games you would like to include.

Wedding dinner decorations for micro wedding
Source : 88 Bali Wedding Planner

Dinner receptions micro wedding
Source : 88 Bali Wedding Planner

Create your wedding stationery: Choose a design that reflects your theme and style and order invitations, place cards, and any other stationery you may need.

Hire a photographer: Choose a photographer who can capture the essence of your celebration and the love between you and your partner.

Make it special: Add personal touches and meaningful details that reflect your relationship and make the celebration unique to you.

By following these steps, you can plan a beautiful and meaningful micro wedding that celebrates your love and creates lasting memories for you and your closest loved ones.


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